The Winners family worldwide congregate at their local assemblies during the first Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of every month for the “Week of Spiritual Emphasis”.

This is a time when we seek the face of God for the month with fasting and prayer and meet in the church auditorium for the communion service of Wednesday and Thursday and breakthrough night or service on Friday as The Lord leads the Presiding Bishop of this commission – Bishop David Oyedepo.

The Week of Spiritual Emphasis is always an exciting time as there had been various testimonies of God’s faithfulness from month to month.

This is another opportunity for the Winners family to start the new month with an encounter with God. With this understanding, every Winner is advised to take important every moment of the week as this will launch us into the realms of Wonders Without End in this month of strange Divine Encounters and many infallible proofs. [Acts 1:3]

Evening Communion services will hold on Wednesday to Friday from 7pm to 9pm. Be part of this Week of Spiritual Emphasis for an encounter with Power.

We pray that God will give the strength to stay strong all through the week.
Join us to meet with Jesus for the week of Spiritual Emphasis and your life will NEVER remain the same in Jesus name.